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Translated Version of Article from Marica Info

Who attended the Retreat beach houses and, during the last few days has been frightened by the indentation made by sea.

An icon of the beach, a stone used for many to jump over the water, is totally surrounded by sand. The indentation of the sea on the beach of the Nook was about 50 meters. And there's an explanation for this.

According to the expert, the strong winds – that in some places the coastline reached 80 kilometers per hour – are the result of a high pressure system in the South Atlantic. The winds from the Northeast and blowing parallel to the brazilian coast, pushed Southwest waters. Along with this, the full Moon phase of recent days intensified the low tide.

"Frequent this beach for over fifteen years and I never saw the sea retreat that way." Commented the resident Silvio Pandey.

Ana Luiza, visitor 43 years, commented that came several times at the beach and never saw the sea in this way. "I have people climbing on the rock and jumping in the sea. Today the stone is without any water around. " Said.

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