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A series of different sun halos lit up the sky over the whole day, baffling sky-watchers as if they've finally discovered the gateway to Oz.

At around midday, a double solar halo - circumhorizontal arc below the very common 22-degree halo - amazed onlookers for approximately half an hour.

Then around 3:30pm, another sun halo appeared before an incredible sundog or two suns phenomenon around 6:30pm.

Chemtrailing? Approaching storm? or just weaponized weather art in the heart of Atacama desert?

These are real pictures and videos of a real phenomenon: a so-called circumhorizontal arc appears below the very common 22-degree halo and some other more complex halos in the sky of Antofagasta, Chile on November 13, 2017.

Here a video showing the powerful sun dog phenomenon at sunset on Nov 13th:

Now think about describing that moment to anybody who wasn't right there with you

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